Who Were the Gomorrah Series Actors?

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The Gomorrah Series is a television drama series that is based on the novel ‘The Godfather’. The first two episodes were directed by Dan Gilroy and featured an all star cast headed by Ed Begley. The third episode was directed by Michael Caine and featured Al Pacino. In this article I will discuss Gomorrah Series actors who have left Gomorrah and how they shaped the town.

Ed Begley: Ed Begley played the role of Tony, a lawyer representing the mobsters, Gomorrah being his office. He represented everyone from the pickpockets to the lady robbers. He also represented Genny, the head of the organized crime family. In one episode he was even seen eating at a restaurant with a pack of women. This characterisation of the Gomorrah lawyer made him one of the most loved men in the show. Some of his fans even named their dogs after him including the grey bear.

Dan Gilroy: Dan Gilroy portrayed Tony as the boss of Gomorrah. He was the man in charge of keeping order in the town, organising the pickpockets to leave town, as well as getting the other crime families to leave. He was also the head of security in Gomorrah. He appeared in two episodes in the series.

Al Pacino: Al Pacino played the part of Genny, the more dangerous of the two main crime bosses. His appearance was a contrast to that of Dan Gilroy, who played the comical role. In one episode he tried to shoot Genny in the head, but was stopped by his friend Joseph Gannascoli. Gino appeared in three Gomorrah Series episodes. He was killed by his own accomplice in the third episode. No further mention is given for this death.

The Strange Thing Happened in Cops!

Mike Epps: Mike Epps was a corrupt cop from California. He appeared in the second and third Gomorrah Series episodes. His scenes were filmed on the sound stage at the beginning of the episode. Two other cop characters from the Gomorrah scene appeared in episodes. These were Mickey Geary, played by Frank Gough, and Brian Epps, who were credited for his role. It is not known whether he survived the shooting or not.

Bobby Cannavale: Bobby Cannavale appeared in the second episode of the Gomorrah Series as an old man. The characterisation of Bobby Cannavale was created to fit his old character descriptions from previous Gomorrah movies. He was played by Kevin Dunn. The Gomorrah director wanted to get rid of Bobby Cannavale because he felt that he did not fit the part of the anti-hero anymore. There were many scenes filmed outside of the Gomorrah location that was used for the rest of the movie. In one scene, Cannavale’s character, Brody, was asked by Mickey Geary if they could share a cigarette.

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